Last Updated on 8 October 2009

Brer Rabbit is one of the main characters in Disney’s 1946 movie, “Song of the South.” And he always found himself getting into trouble…

Brer Rabbit

Brer Rabbit was one of the first asset-based thinkers.* He truly practiced “how can I turn this problem into the best thing that ever happened?”

One of the ways the Brer Rabbit would cope in challenging situations is that he would go to his laughin’ place… from his laughin’ place – things wouldn’t seem so unbearable…

In “Song of the South” he sings…

Hee hee hee hee ha ha ha
Boy I am in luck,
I think about my laughin’ place!
Yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk…
Everybody’s gotta laughin’ place,
A laughin’ place, to go ho ho!
Take your frown, turn it upside down
And you’ll find yours I know ho ho…

It’s one thing to read the lyrics, you gotta hear Brer Rabbit sing it himself… (it’s hard to listen without cracking a smile…)

Ev’rybody Has A Laughing Place

In fact, “Song of the South” is full of ABT… it’s also where the song Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah is from.

So next time you’re faced with a challenge at home or work… first go to your laughin’ place… then… see how you can turn that problem into the best thing that could have happened.

*Asset-Based Thinking – a concrete, cognitive process aimed at identifying the assets (e.g. strengths, talents, synergies, and possibilities) that are immediately available in yourself, other people, and any situation.

If you don’t see a small player above…
click this link to hear Brer Rabbit sing Ev’rybody Has A Laughing Place.

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