Last Updated on 28 September 2009

H. Allen Durkee and Fred L. Mower purchased the recipe for Marshmallow Fluff for $500* in 1917… and I’m glad they did. Durkee-Mower Inc has making Fluff in Lynn, Massachusetts ever since.

What? You don’t know what Fluff is? It is spreadable, marshmallow creme that – when made into a sandwich with peanut butter – is called a Fluffernutter.


[Fig. 1] Fluffernutter Sandwich

If you grew up in the New England area of the United States, you probably hear the commercials. (Check out the old jingles). Look at that 1950s drawing of a Fluffernutter.

Fluff is more than just melty marshmallows, it has its own delicious flavor. And I’m sorry… To those of you who say, “Oh yeah, it is like JetPuffed marshmallow creme.” I disagree no other brand can compare.

You have heard of people putting marshmallows in their hot chocolate? You haven’t HAD hot chocolate until you’ve had it with Fluff in it.

Little did I know… this weekend was the annual “What The Fluff” festival in Boston. It is so beloved, the Massachusetts legislature is considering making the Fluffernutter the official state sandwich.

Here are links to: the Official Fluff site, their Yummy Book of recipes. If the Fluff Finder doesn’t show a place near you, you can have Fluff and Fluff goods shipped in the 48 states.

Why did I post this? Simply for the love of Fluff.

*$500 from 1917 is around $9,000 today!