Last Updated on 25 September 2009

Maoz Logo

For lunch today, I popped into Maoz Vegetarian restaurant for falafel. It’s really good. (Seth Godin raves about the place – calls it the best falafel in the world!)

They serve fresh hot falafel, on warm pita bread, with delicious hummus, and let you slather on your own toppings. Always delicious.

An aside…

In Europe everyone takes cash, fewer vendors take check cards (or the ‘PIN card’ as they call it in Amsterdam), and even fewer take credit cards.

…back to the story.

When I ordered, I asked the guy at Maoz if they take the PIN card. I thought they did, but didn’t see the card reader. He said, “No, cash only.”

“Whoops!” I said, “I’ll be right back I need to get cash.” There is an ATM around the corner.

“No, no… don’t worry.” He said, like a caring mom… “Why don’t you eat first?” He didn’t want my hot falafel to get cold.

To me this was remarkable.

  • (A)He trusted me. He treated me like a person, not like a random customer or potential thief. He didn’t hold my food hostage until I paid him.
  • (B)He wanted me to have a great, hot lunch. Though I would only have taken two minutes to get the cash, he wanted me to eat it while it was hot.

So I ate, left, and haven’t gone back to pay!!!


As usual it was delicious. However, three additional things happened with this visit.

  • Lunch was tastier served by a “friend.” I felt welcome.
  • I’ll visit Maoz more than I otherwise would have.
  • And I’m telling you about it! Spreading the good word.