Last Updated on 15 April 2008

Buttoned Up LogoWhile browsing the shelves at Target, I came across tools for organizing produced by a company called “Buttoned Up.”

Good for them landing the Target account. Their assortment of products carried at Target include…

  • specialized pads for organizing (shopping list, babysitter notes, child related reminders and a todo list called NothingElse.pad),
  • a set of pre-labeled file folders aptly named File.starter,
  • Dates.2Remember helps you organize and remember key dates (and includes a few emergency cards for birthday, congratulations, anniversary, etc), and
  • a binder called Life.doc for storing and organizing all of your important life documents.

The Power of Three

Pictured below is the NothingElse.pad… (I purchased this at Target)


Nice idea, narrowing down to only top three things each day. Allows focus.

For each of the three questions are three blanks… Only three items are allowed…

  • If I get NOTHING else done today, I must…
  • If I call NO ONE else today, I must call
  • If I email NO ONE else today, I must email..
  • If I do nothing else at work today, I must…
  • If I do nothing else at home today, I must…
  • Someone else is counting on me to do this today…

It takes discipline to follow this!

If You Like These…

The pads and organizers from Get Buttoned Up remind me of the products created by Knock Knock. Except Get Buttoned Up is not as sassy as Knock Knock.

For example, they both offer the opposite of a “to do” list… Get Buttoned Up offers their (Not)ToDo.Pad (left) and Knock Knock offers a To Don’t pad (right).

(Not)ToDo.PadTo Don't Pad

[click either image for larger version]

Need Organization?

The founders of Get Buttoned Up, Alicia Rockmore and Sarah Welch have a book coming out this July called, Everything (almost) In Its Place: Control Chaos, Conquer Clutter, and Get Organized the Buttoned Up Way.

I think you’ll find both the products from Get Buttoned Up and Knock Knock fun and helpful.

Are there any tools similar to these you find useful?