Last Updated on 1 February 2013

What do you do when you need the advice a professional marketer offers, but can’t afford professional marketer prices?

We know how you feel… Your sales floor could be busier. Your dining room isn’t full.

You know you need marketing activities to drive awareness and sales – but aren’t sure where to start and… can’t afford to pay someone thousands of dollars to tell you what to do. 

Your Solution:

That’s why we created the Local Store Marketing (LSM) Guide.

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All the sales-driving marketing tools, techniques, tips and tricks that big brands use… on one website!

To get this to you, Shannon Jones and I have hooked our brains up to the LSMGuide site and are uploading all of our marketing knowledge.

Techniques to help you build awareness, drive average sales and ticket, drive traffic, and drive daypart sales… (that’s just the start!)

LSMGuide isn’t free. The information is too valuable to give away.

We offer monthly memberships. Basic Membership at $25 a month – provides access to basic content. The Premium Membership is where it’s at. With it, you get full access to complete articles and tools. Premium membership is $40 – only $480 a year. (Here is a link to all the Membership Options).

A few key tools on the site include:

Marketing Strategies & Activities


Our big (and growing to huge) catalog of marketing activities, organized by strategy. Example strategies – to name a few – include:

  • build awareness,
  • build community,
  • drive traffic…

“What’s Your Situation”


Based on your specific location’s need, we provide a hand-selected, combination of marketing activities based on your situation.

I’m so proud of this feature. We know you’re going to find it so helpful.


Select those parameters and press the button and you are provided with a list of options. These are the very same activities we suggest to our clients and implemented when we worked at Starbucks and Seattle’s Best Coffee.

Step-By-Step Guide


A guided tour to build your marketing plan. With A to Z instruction and all the tools you need to build your own sales-building plan. From understanding your location’s needs, to selecting your marketing activities, and creating an actionable plan… It is all there for you!

The list goes on. And, the site grows more each week as we add new guides, best practices and NEXT practices.

Join Today!

Check out the site today, and…

Put the sales driving tools
of expert marketers at your fingertips!

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