Last Updated on 3 January 2009

It’s one thing to list all the tasks, projects, and errands you need to accomplish… But it’s a whole ‘nother thing to try to organize that list, putting the most important things first… to prioritize.

As a professional problem solver, I felt it my responsibility to help solve this challenge…

I’m proud to present to you…

Idea Sandbox Prioritizer

The free, web-based tool to help you get yourself in order!

It’s a wicked simple tool to use and will help you prioritize ANY list of items.

Give it a try now… Bookmark it for later! (you’ll thank me!)

Prioritizer already has a testimonial!

As a PM [project manager] I deal with prioritizing almost constantly and enjoyed giving your new tool, Idea Sandbox Prioritizer, a test drive. I used it for my errands today and, by golly, if it didn’t help me clarify which order to execute the steps! What a cool tool for use in meetings or other settings to get down to what really matters.

Bottom line – I love it!


Quick Instructions


  1. Enter into Prioritizer: tasks, projects, errands… anything you need to accomplish.
  2. When you’ve finished entering, select NEXT STEP at the bottom of the page.
  3. Prioritizer pairs items on your list. Click the item that is more important, or that needs to be done first.

When you have run through all the items on your list, Prioritizer presents you with an ordered, numbered list!

That’s all there is to it!

Once you’re finished, Prioritizer offers you the convenience to…
Print It – creates a snazzy format to print or save as PDF.
Change It – add, subtract, or re-word tasks on the existing list, or
Start Over – start from scratch

Prioritizer is perfect whenever you have three or more items that need to be prioritized!

The beauty of Prioritizer is its simplicity. By viewing and making a decision between only two items at a time, it’s much easier for your mind to manage than simultaneously juggling a list of 5 or 25 (or more) items.

Consider Prioritzer to…

  • …sort work or personal projects.
  • …prioritize your Netflix queue.
  • …pick your Summer vacation destination
  • …select a baby name.
  • …select a presidential candidate.

…and many more!

How will you use Prioritizer? Let me know, share your reactions.

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