Last Updated on 8 August 2008

Today’s date is pretty cool. A nice date for a product launch, store opening, or Olympic games to begin.

Today is a special day in Chinese culture where the number eight is a lucky number. (The sound of the word “eight” sounds like the word for “fortune, prosper, and wealth” so it is quite lucky).

I remember the news when I was in college and there was a big deal because there was a moment when it was: 1234567890.

That was 12:34:56 on 7/8/90.

Anticipating much wealth in China, the Olympic games kick-off at 8:08 p.m. on 08-08-08. Nice.

I wonder if they should have had something take place at 8 am? Since THAT is when the clock is 08:08 on 08/08/08… This evening is technically 20:08.

Additionally, be careful when using dates as a clever starting date in Europe as they put the date first and month second. 7/8/90 is July 8th in the US, but in Europe it’s actually August 7th… 7 Aug 90.

This post is lucky… posted at 08:08 on 08-08-08