Last Updated on 14 November 2019

John Moore, the marketing medic at Brand Autopsy, has written another book that offers succinct marketing and branding advice inspired by working at Starbucks Coffee Company.

It is called: Tough Love: Scripting the Drive, Drama, and Decline Of Galaxy Coffee.”

Although… I’m wrong to call it a book… It is a screenplay disguised as a book. It wasn’t written to be turned into a movie, rather it is John’s remarkable way of offering a novel novel. It works.

TOUGH LOVE… is actually a screenplay masquerading as a business book. It reads just like a Hollywood screenplay with standard script format, seven main characters, and two plot lines that tell the story of how a rags-to-riches entrepreneur finds success building a company (Galaxy Coffee) to be bigger only to realize, the hard way, that smaller is better.

Inserted throughout the TOUGH LOVE script are breakout business lessons and thought-provoking business advice geared towards entrepreneurs and small business owners.

In addition to loads of valuable, bite-sized, actionable marketing lessons, it tells an interesting story pretty close to what it was like working within the Starbucks marketing department at the turn of the century.

Starbucks lovers and haters will find the read equally interesting.

Behind the scenes

Many of the character names are amalgamations of Starbucks marketers… Including (I’m honored to write) me! I’m disguised as Denny Williams. (That’s a combination of Paul Williams and Lisa Denny. Lisa was one of our favorite, and smartest bosses at Starbucks). John’s use of similarity to actual people make the read more realistic.

I highly recommend downloading a copy of John’s marketing screenplay At $9.99 it is a steal! While you’re at it, check out John’s first book…Tribal Knowledge: Business Wisdom Brewed From The Grounds Of Starbucks Corporate Culture. too!