Last Updated on 14 April 2011

As a kid I was always fascinated by the Mad Magazine “Fold-In” puzzles that would appear on the inside back cover.

A fold-in featured a full drawing with a caption that – when folded properly – revealed a hidden picture and message. Sometimes they’d simply reveal a joke, and other times a political message. These were popularized in Mad and were drawn by Al Jaffee for 44 years – from 1964 until 2008.

The fun was trying to figure out the hidden message before you folded it…

In March, 2008 the New York Times posted interactive digital versions in a piece called, Fold-Ins, Past and Present.


The headline asks “What’s the dirtiest play in modern football?”


At the bottom you can see – when folded – the answer is:

My Version

Here was my version – as a 9 year old – in 1979. I drew this when living in Rhode Island and sent it to my uncle in “the big city” New York City. My uncle was a radio DJ and his partner a clothing designer… two cool professions… especially to a little kid! This was my way of entertaining them with my talent!

[click image for larger view]

Above you see Carl’s Pinball And Pool Bomb. “Carl’s Bomb” was no doubt a smoke-filled place with… pinball machines and bumper pool. Lit with a flashing strobe and air circulated by a ceiling fan.


When it is folded together properly, it reveals an image of a CB Radio and the caption “CB” at the top.

I know this has nothing to do with marketing, or making your company remarkable… But I thought you’d enjoy seeing my handiwork… and evidently… passion for CB Radios. (My CB handle was “Red Rooster.”)

Source: Mad Fold-In © DC Comics