Last Updated on 14 October 2015

One of the challenges for staff in a store or restaurant, in delivering great customer experiences, is to anticipate customer needs.

Delivering this high level of service involves being so tuned-in to customers, you can answer questions before they even ask.

Whether it’s noticing someone scratching their heads… looking quizzically at your merchandise, or a patron at your restaurant with a nearly empty glass… service success requires quick response to queues.

Helicopter ViewA few years ago, I was speaking with the owner of a restaurant inĀ Amsterdam. He explained one of the secrets to his success is taking a “helicopter view.”

This is the ability to metaphorically hover above the restaurant (or store), get a wide view, and see everything going on at once. It provides customer service peripheral vision.

From the flight deck, Arne is able to simultaneously notice guests as they approach the front door of the restaurant, top off a glass of wine at the bar, and see that the customer at table 5 is ready for their check.

This metaphor may serve as an easy-to-remember tool for employees to get a whirly-bird’s eye view on what needs attention on your sales floor.