Last Updated on 26 May 2022


Not too long ago… In a business galaxy not too far away…
John Moore and I were retail marketing managers at Starbucks Coffee. Our hands were always dirty, working in the trenches designing and implementing marketing programs to acquire new customers and to get current customers to buy more, more often. You know, standard retail marketing activities.

(The picture above is of John and I hosting the Starbucks Marketing Conference in Seattle in 2000. I don’t recall now why a pioneer/Western theme was selected).

Since my days at Starbucks, I’ve been building the Idea Sandbox brainstorming business… helping you and clients generate remarkable marketing ideas.

John has spent his post-Starbucks days at Whole Foods Market as a national retail marketing director and more recently as a one-man marketing advice shop with Brand Autopsy.

Over the years, John and I have kept in touch and have worked together on a few retail marketing projects. The work we’ve done has been top-notch and we’ve had fun doing it. So much fun, that we’ve decided to create an offshoot business to help you become a really good marketer… a CrackerJack Marketer.

CJM Logo

The CrackerJack Marketer business is setup to share lessons we’ve learned about the retail marketing game. Everything we’re doing with CrackerJack Marketer is to help marketing managers and retail business owners better solve for acquiring new customers and getting current customers to buy more, more often.

Why don’t you watch our homemade video to learn more…

[direct link to video]

The simplest way for you to participate is through signing up to receive the CrackerJack Marketer email newsletter. Each month you’ll receive a strong dose of retail marketing knowhow, packaged in an easily digestible email. For signing up, you’ll immediately receive a .pdf of our Ten Timeless Tips for Marketing Career Success. The cost is only your permission and your time.

Another easy way to participate is follow the CrackerJack Marketer website. Every week, John and I will give two answers and two perspectives to relevant marketing questions like: How best should a Brand Style guide be designed? … Is a sports sponsorship with the expense? … Is sampling the best way to drive trial of a new product? All totally free marketing advice.

We’ll also be doing monthly CrackerJack Marketer webinars (beginning in May). Topics for these webinars will be timely like “When and How to Use Groupon to Boost Sales” and timeless like, “Designing Effective Customer Loyalty Programs.” There’ll be a charge for these webinars but the payoff from attending and learning will be large.

With CrackerJack Marketer, we’re also offering various tiers of consulting services.

Idea Sandbox will continue helping you create remarkable ideas… just as John’s Brand Autopsy Marketing Practice will also continue. We’re just adding on a new way to work with businesses by focusing our advice solely on the retail marketing game.