Last Updated on 3 January 2009

Ever wonder what people associate with your company or brand? I do.

One measure is to examine the “key words” people use when they bookmark your website/blog.

Delicious is an online bookmarking service that allows users to label a site with tags meaningful for that user. By viewing how Delicious users have tagged your site, you can get an idea of how you’re perceived.

The pie chart below represents Idea Sandbox is perceived. These are the most common tags Delicious users have stuck on Idea Sandbox.

I don’t see the word “retail” or “retail marketing” on that list. I’d like to be associated with retail marketing. This means that I… (a) don’t convey that, (b) don’t talk about it enough, or (c) perhaps I *do* talk about it, but that’s not how Delicious users have used my site.

Important to note…these are not the tags I use to describe my posts or site (like what Technorati reports)… this is what you have labeled.

You can use the URL look-up tool on Delicious (, to see what tags people have labeled any website.