Last Updated on 18 April 2008


Idea Sandbox Logo Judged Best
of Marketing/PR Blogs on the Interweb

Contact: Paul Williams

THE INTERWEB – April 18 2008: The Idea Sandbox logo has been chosen as best Marketing/PR blog logo in the Logo Design Love Awards.

Founder of Idea Sandbox, Paul Williams rejoiced, “Wow! With nearly 190 million blogs on the interweb – over 112 million of them English-language… That makes most blogs a needle in a haystack. For Idea Sandbox to be selected in an honor, and to win… a thrill! Thank you judges! And thank you to my clever designer Jennifer from Principle!”

For the past ten weeks the site, Logo Design Love, has been hosting a competition to judge the best blog logos.

The aim was to uncover the most effective blog logos, and to raise awareness of lesser-known logo designers. A distinguished panel of judges were brought on board, with more than a century of collective design experience.

Logos were nominated from ten blog categories…

  • Business,
  • Design and photography,
  • Entertainment,
  • Environmental,
  • Health and self-development,
  • Marketing and PR,
  • Personal,
  • Political,
  • Technology, and
  • Miscellaneous

The judges selected their favorite three logos from all ten of those categories, as well as a best of category. Idea Sandbox won best of category.

Readers were able to offer their votes via comments on the site. It was a close race between three marketing and PR sites: Idea Sandbox, Hubspot, and Holy Cow. Readers selected Hubspot as their favorite in close competition. Nice work, Hubspot.

Reader Comments

Here are some of the comments left by readers about the Idea Sandbox logo.

  • Idea Sandbox is best, warmest, most colorful
  • Idea Sandbox’s logo is great
  • I love the warm and fuzzy feeling of bygone days that it evokes!
  • Automatically opens your mind for thinking
  • Idea Sandbox (the metaphor and design)
  • Idea Sandbox – for originality in design & illustration
  • Not only is the idea sandbox a great logo… greatest of the great… but the blog site is very informative and forces you to reflect.
    (I think that may have been my Dad’s comment)
  • I dig this one the most. Haha.
  • Idea Sandbox gets my vote. It is inviting, creative and has energy. It stands alone in that it is descriptive without being prescriptive.

Be sure to check out the judge’s comments on their award for overall best logo, Joe Urban.

Suite of Sandbox Logos

While the blog starburst logo was submitted to the contest, Idea Sandbox also features additional logo treatments, used based on the context and vehicle.

The award-winning starburst logo… used on the website.

There’s the simple “Idea Sandbox Script.” I use this in my email auto-signature.

I have a suite of horizontal tags in various colors…

And, this treatment is featured on my business card…

Thanks a million for the nomination, for the votes, and for judging our logo as one of the best!