Last Updated on 14 November 2019

Shannon (my wife) and I are looking for an illustrator to create the drawings for a series of children’s books we’re writing. The series is called KeeKee’s Big Adventures. It is about our cat, KeeKee, who travels the world – seeking adventures – in a hot air balloon.

To find a the right style, we’re asking interested illustrators to submit a few sketches of KeeKee.

From all of the submissions, our five favorite illustrators will each receive $200 to do a color drawing. From this, we hope to pick THE illustrator who would be hired to work and grow with us as the KeeKee series expands. The final job is a real, paid gig!

Visit KeeKee’s Big Adventures website for more information.

You can submit your drawings to

As I started to mention. As KeeKee travels in her balloon, she visits with her animal friends from all over the world. These are other animal buddies who have taught her about their countries, language, culture, food, traditions – you name it.

In turn, the books will allow moms and dads to teach their kids about geography, and interesting places near and far.

We hope the books turn into animated movies, Saturday morning cartoons, plush animals, TV dinners… and heck… let’s hope for a KeeKee theme park in the future!

If you are an illustrator and are interested, please visit the KeeKee’s Big Adventures website to learn more. Know an illustrator? Please pass this information on!

Spec Work?!

Yes, we are asking for a wee bit of “spec work.” That is, asking someone to create something for free. However, we can’t judge how an artist may draw KeeKee from an existing portfolio.

We will return the working files and usage rights for all the designs submitted. As designers, we highly respect and value artists and designers. We feel asking for a bit of “spec work” is the only way we can truly gauge the style illustration we hope to find.