Last Updated on 26 May 2022

The Imagineers at Disney have created their own terms that allow quick understanding. Last month I introduced you to the word “plussing” – here’s another in the Imagineer Jargon series…

The Imagineer Term
BGM (Background Music) – The musical selections that fill in the audio landscape as you make your way around the Park. Each BGM track is carefully selected, arranged, and recorded to enhance the story being told.

Broader Marketing Interpretation
Your BGM can be the hold music you play on your phone system. Or perhaps the music you play overhead at your retail location.

From a less literal perspective, what other “audio landscapes” are being created for your customers? What other things do they hear that enhance (or not) the story being told with your business?

Example: Grocery Store

As part of their improved customer service strategy, a regional grocery store recently enacted a policy asking every single customer, “Do you need help out with this today?” So, as they were commanded, each clerk asks…


An elderly person or a mom wrangling kids? Sure. Do I need to be asked for help with a single bag containing gum, spaghetti, and deodorant? That’s just silly.

That track has been selected, arranged, and recorded (trained)… but isn’t enhancing their story.

Retail/Restaurant Environments

There are unscripted tracks that play for your customers to hear… Often a result of poor morale or lack of connection between management and front-line employees. Are employees complaining to each other in front of customers about crummy hours? Or the new promotion they have to roll out? Or the goofy pin you’re making them wear? You overhear comments like these all the time.

Products / Packaging

You could extend the metaphor to the printed tracks customers read. These fill the space between product purchase and product use. Does every element of your packaging enhance the product story being told – from labeling to description to the instructions?

Your business model may be different, but you should listen… What do your customers hear as they make their way around your product or services? What are the selections (musical or otherwise) that fill in the audio landscape? Have you carefully selected, arranged, and recorded to enhance the story being told?