Last Updated on 3 July 2008

I’m a big Walt Disney fan and was recently watching a film featuring a preview of EPCOT Center before it opened in 1982.

Backed with pulsing electronic “futuristic” music from the 80s, the film builds excitement and features images of EPCOT Center being built in Orlando, Florida.

What stood out to me was the dedication speech given by Card Walker, the Disney Chairman of the Board.

“EPCOT Center celebrates human achievements and innovation born from imagination. We want to first entertain, then inform, and inspire all who come here. And above all, instill in our Guests a new sense of belief and pride in mankind’s ability to shape a world that offers real hope to people everywhere in the world.”

What Card said about “entertain, inform, and inspire” jumped out at me.

That’s what Idea Sandbox is about. But first to Inform, then Inspire, and finally Entertain.

I hope I meet these goals for you…

  • Inform you by providing relevant tools to help you (and your teams) think and work more creatively.
  • Inspire you with ideas and stories that you can apply to your life and business.
  • Entertain you with content that’s interesting, not dry. And presented in a way that’s fun to read.