Last Updated on 5 November 2015

The “Palace of Light” is the original Shredded Wheat factory and the boss, Frank Druffel, is keeping the ‘no’ in Innovation.

Post Cereals has a created a series of videos celebrating the fact they haven’t messed with their product since 1892… and the problems with progress and innovation.

“We can’t even find comfort in our food anymore. Progress has pushed molecules ahead of meals, hormones over home-grown, and our cattle have turned into clones…

Our reckless pursuit of progress is absurd. The foundation for our economic structure is reliant on one thing – an endless supply of resources. And you combine that with population grown and, well, you’ve just got global foolishness.”

He also ads…

“You can argue that we got it right the first time… or you can argue that a serious lack of innovation is why Post Shredded Wheat cereal is one of the best food choices you can make in today’s age. What you can’t deny is that we are doing something right… Nothing!”

Here’s a bit from the 5th episode called “The Pitch” where Frank slams advertising… and makes some great points.

“Advertising? …That’s the last thing we need. Advertising is why society is broke.

Ads show good looking, happy, successful people with stuff we can’t afford. So we borrow from the banks to buy these “happy makers” only to find ourselves less happy because we’re in debt and despair over the car that didn’t get us respect… Or the second story that didn’t make the neighbors jealous… Or the meal that just really didn’t bring the family together.

Advertising confuses affluence. Do you know what affluence is in some countries? It’s two cows and a really big wife. Not here… It is two sports cars and a wife so thin she just blows over in a 20-knot gust.

How the hell did our society get to the point where being malnourished was a goal?

I’ll tell you how… Advertising.”

Some of the episodes drag. I’m not really interested in a love interest between the characters… but there are some pretty clever nuggets.