Last Updated on 12 July 2017

Bumped into a really neat restaurant concept in Paris – La Ferme. (Translates from French to English as “The Farm”).

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They specialize in healthy, organic* foods (*called “bio” in Europe). Their logo is a quirky uddered cow.

Signage in-store states they’re about being “Natural, Artisanal, and Original.”

I tried but couldn’t find a website for the cafe/restaurant.

I was impressed with their selection of fresh juices, salads, and yummy baked goods.

They use unbleached, recycled napkins; small wooden containers to present baked goods, and – something I’ve never seen before – wooden knife and fork. I assume wood is environmentally better than plastic since it is renewable. (As you can see, it’s nearly impossible to get completely away from plastic).

[click for larger view]
Above you can see a fresh fruit cobbler served in a wooden bowl, the pack containing bleach-free napkin and wooden utensils.

If you have any more information about this concept, let me know!

Sorry about the blurry images.