Last Updated on 1 March 2017

I don’t currently live near an L.L.Bean.

I don’t currently own L.L. Bean product.

But from this moment forward, I will stop in an L.L. Bean any chance I get. I will visit their website to see if there is anything I can buy a friend or family member before I look elsewhere.

Why? Because they care. Because they listen. Because they respond.

Less than 90 minutes ago, I posted an article commending L.L.Bean’s strategy and in-store message. L.L.Beans is standing behind their quality and prices.

I just received a note in my inbox from Twitter indicating that LLBeanPR is now following me. The comment below is on twitter.

L.L.Bean Rocks

They busy people at the L.L.Bean took the time to…
a) monitor Twitter/blog posts,
b) to follow me, and
c) to leave me a nice note.

I don’t know how massive a company L.L.Bean is. No matter how big they really are… they act small enough to care.

I figured their in-store message was sincere, and now the one-to-one connection let’s me know that Mr. McCormicks message (see other post) truly was sincere.

I’m looking forward to our wonderful relationship, L.L.Bean!