Last Updated on 1 March 2017

I snapped this a couple of weeks ago while shopping in Washington DC… L.L.Bean has it right. They’re not offering unusual discounts, slashing prices, cutting quality or any non-sense.

As Chris McCormick the CEO says… they’ve never played games with their prices. When the recession is over L.L.Bean will be able to look their customers in the eye with confidence and with a stronger brand.


I’ve transcribed it for you below.

Christopher J. McCormick
Chief Executive Officer

Today, while many families are looking for ways to stretch their budgets, they’re often challenged to make the difficult decision between quality and price. At L.L.Bean, we’ve never offered a choice – we’ve always insisted on both. All of our products are of the highest quality for the best possible price. That’s how we’ve defined lasting value for nearly 100 years.

Throughout the store, you’ll find many products that we call “Bean Values.” These items, many of them perennial customer favorites, haven’t gone up in price in years – and in some cases have actually gone down. We’ve never played games with prices – in good times or bad.

Thank you for continuing to place your trust in us by shopping with L.L.Bean.

Chris McCormick

(Final note, bottom of poster): Even with today’s rising costs, it’s important that we stay true to L.L.’s Golden Rule. We’re continuing to offer popular L.L.Bean products at steady prices to help you save.