Last Updated on 6 November 2012

This Election Day, the Washington, DC area yoga community is offering complimentary yoga classes all day long…50 studios across DC, Virginia and Maryland all with free classes.

The headline on local signage reads…”on a day of great divide, yoga unites. Election Day yoga.”

And it’s all compliments of lululemon.

This is an incredible example of being locally relevant, being part of the community and being a leader. What city could use this more on this day?

There’s no mention on the ad of the sponsor. There’s no press release from the company. Just every yoga studio across the DC area giving the thank you and shout out to lululemon.

As my local studio, Pure Prana, in Alexandria, Virginia has on their website…

I reached out to lululemon about the event. Amanda Casgar, community relations said, “We wanted to create something around the election that would unite the community on a day that is normally about choosing sides.”

lululemon…once again, defining local relevance in their local marketing, in a way that supports their brand.