Last Updated on 14 August 2017

When it comes to the big choices we make – which house to live in, which job to take, which baby name to pick – you never want to be forced to choose “the lesser two evils.” To be forced to pick between two unattractive options. This is a terrible way to have to make a decision.

The BEST way to make decisions is to struggle to pick which of the great ideas is the best. To choose among…

The Better of Many Greats

The way to achieve this is to generate more ideas.

In our faster-than-ever-paced world, we’re often too impatient to invest time in coming up with anything more than a final solution. We think until we come up with a “good enough” idea.

The more ideas, the better the selection. Some idea won’t be feasible. Some won’t be attractive.

And, while life doesn’t always give us a host of glorious options when we have the opportunity to invest some time thinking up and generating ideas – we should.