Last Updated on 19 August 2017

In a previous post about Coke BlaK and coffee soda, I mentioned that johnmoore (from Brand Autopsy) and I split a bottle of Starbucks Mazagran coffee soda in January of 2003. This was just before John left Starbucks to go work for Whole Foods Market.

Little did I know the moment was captured by a photographer.

Paul and John sipping Starbucks Mazagran coffee soda. This bottle
expired in 1996. (John, always the marketer, is doing a great job
making sure we’ve got good product visibility).

Ahhh! Refreshing. A bit flat. John said, “it tastes like a flat Pepsi with a hint of coffee.”

Why did we do this? A dare? A bet? Nope. We both just wondered (as
did everyone in the marketing department) what it would taste like
after all those years. We were the only ones stupid bold enough to try it.

p.s. That the marketing department’s Big Fat Greek Windex in the background.