Last Updated on 10 September 2020 is a printing company that offers mini-sized personalized cards. They have a connection with Flickr which allows you to use Flickr images on your MiniCards.

I excitedly opened the package of MiniCards I created a couple of weeks ago. Below is a sample of some of my own designs…

[click for larger image]

As you can see, MiniCards are basically a photo-card, about half the size of a business card… about 2-3/4″ wide 1-1/8″ tall or 70 mm x 28 mm (A business card is 3-1/2″ wide x 2″ tall / 90 mm x 50 mm).

You can order them in batches of 100… I uploaded around 50 different images, so I have about 2 of each of the designs I uploaded.

I’m going to use them like business cards when a business card may seem too formal or stuffy. I’ll also use them as bookmarks… stick the interesting ones on my computer monitor… and send them to friends and family along with mailed letters. (you, know… old-school postal mail).

What MOO says about themselves…

We love the web, but you can’t put it in your pocket
The web. You can’t touch it, write on it or put it on the mantle. You can’t hang it on the wall or pass it to the cutie on the bus and you certainly can’t give it to your mum for her birthday.

MOO wants to change all this.

We dream up new products, personalized by your stuff on the web, that let you take that virtual life offline. We hope you like them.


MOO is a new kind of printing business.

There are now more than a billion people online, and most of us use the internet to engage in some kind of social activity. In doing so we help generate over 4 petabytes of unique virtual content a month

We have virtual communication like email, instant message or video. We belong to virtual communities like social networks, image sharing or interest groups. And in these communities, we have created virtual identities like home-pages, avatars, and blogs.

But sometimes life can be a little too virtual.

MOO dreams up new tools that help people turn their virtual content into beautiful print products.

Nice philosophy.

About my images
From top to bottom…

  • An image from the New York City 1939 World’s Fair. Those are the two key icons the 200-foot sphere (Perisphere) and the 700-foot tower (Trylon).
  • Tulip fields – I took this picture during the Tulip Festival in Washington state.
  • Williams Brothers Wholesale Bananas – this is an old wooden banana crate. My grandfather and great-grandfather were in the banana business. They would pick-up loads of bananas at the docks in New York City, put them in these wooden crates, and deliver them to produce stands and stores up the coast toward Connecticut.
  • That’s me (on the right) next to a Hawaiian statue… in Maui.