Last Updated on 13 November 2013

Statbucks-logoDear Starbucks,

You know I love you. We’ve had loads of great times together. We’ve learned a lot and helped each other out in good and bad times.

As a friend, I have to be honest with you. I know you like the spotlight and love being in the grocery store and convenience stores, but it is still the Starbucks Coffee cafe that validates the experience.

I know you think TV ads are for the big boys and  “local store marketing teams” feel small town local. But, the store experience is suffering… and small town local is what the company is founded on.

What is this special you had recently?

$2 breakfast sandwich with drink purchase

Back in the day you would have said a combo meal like this was cheesy. So fast food. But, when fast food does it, at least they do it right and provide the proper tools and resources.

[image_frame style=”framed” alt=”Breakfast Special” align=”center” width=”582″][/image_frame]

Starbucks, you need a local store marketing team, if nothing else to make signs.

So that 3-hole punched page taped to the cooler is how I found out about this “special” while in-line. But, this is how the partners (employees) had to promote it on the store door.

[image_frame style=”framed” alt=”Breakfast Sandwish” align=”center” width=”582″][/image_frame]

Really? It is…

  • Sloppy,
  • Unprofessional,
  • Misspelled! and
  • Unacceptable for any brand.

I’ve never seen a hand-written sign… let alone an AWFUL hand-written at Nike, or Nordstrom, or Target, or *gasp* even KMart or JCPenny’s.

We know a latte doesn’t cost $5.00 in ingredients, but we pay it because of the experience you provide. It makes it worth it. Hand-written signs and sloppy execution is not that experience.

C’mon Starbucks you’re better than this.