Last Updated on 6 October 2009

Are you looking for a web designer? There are a million of them out there… How do you choose?

While Max Design didn’t design my site,* I can vouch for their passion for design. Russ Weakley of Max Design helped me – at no charge – figure out a bit of coding for my site.

Max Design

Idea Sandbox features a Mid-Century Modern design style… A nod to the look of the 1950s. (Plan59 has great examples of this style).

When formatting lists of numbers in the 50s, they’d often wrap the numbers with parenthesis…

  • (1)A list,
  • (2)would look,
  • (3)like this.

But, this formatting isn’t possible in an easy way with existing html / css rules AND in a format that would be consistent on both Mac and PC web browsers.

  1. You can
  2. only do it
  3. like this.

(Am I getting too techie on you?)

After searching the interweb far and wide, I had no solutions… However, I did find pages called Listmatic created by Max Design. It seemed no one knew CSS and lists better than these folks. (In fact, Russ literally wrote the book on CSS: Teach Yourself CSS in 10 Minutes. Check it out).

I found his email, sent a note, and Russ quickly and graciously replied back with finished code! He didn’t ask for payment… In fact, refused payment… (He didn’t even want me to do this).

In the end, this isn’t about code, or websites… It’s about passion. Someone so passionate about their craft and service, they’re willing to share a wee bit of knowledge to help someone out.

For me, this was a big deal. I spent over an hour trying to find a clean solution. It took expert Russ a few minutes to figure it out.

So if you need some design work, it is worth stopping by their site and seeing if they’d be a good fit for your project.

*Idea Sandbox was designed by Studio Kudos.
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