Last Updated on 14 April 2011

For all those people that commented how “un-hip” it was of Starbucks to install music-CD burning stations in the age of mp3s, this announcement may make up for that…


Apple has re-launched their line-up of iPod devices, including the new iPod touch.

Just like the iPhone – with all the cool features and “revolutionary multi-touch interface” – but without the phone. It’s wireless, so you can download content directly to the iPod.

This will give us a chance to try see if we like the interface before diving into purchasing the iPhone.


Walk into a participating Starbucks with your laptop, iPhone, or iPod touch and buy whatever’s playing — along with millions of songs on iTunes — while your latte cools.

Apple and Starbucks Coffee have partnered allowing free access to the iTunes Store and Starbucks “Now Playing” content using Starbucks’ in-store WiFi.

NOW PLAYING – A real cool feature is that the iPod displays what is currently playing IN Starbucks while you’re there… If you like what you’re hearing overhead, you can buy and download it.

This service is being rolled out this winter in the following markets:

  • New York – October 2, 2007
  • Seattle – October 2, 2007
  • San Francisco Bay Area – November 7, 2007
  • Los Angeles – February 2008
  • Chicago – March 2008

The new iPod touch is available in 8GB and 16GB versions and, if you ordered now, ships by September 28th.

Additional marketing thoughts…
I can’t imagine being an iPod accessories company making adaptors, sleeves, armbands, holders, etc. The iPod Nano model has changed size and shape how many times since it was launched?

It’s got to be nerve racking trying to stay ahead of the curve… but at the same time – exciting that you’ve got new iPod models constantly making the OLD accessories obsolete and requiring the purchase of new items.