Last Updated on 18 September 2013

Once in a while you come across a business that “gets it.” They just get how to make their customers happy. They cut through the red tape and bullroar because it just makes sense to put people first.

A remarkable example is New Seasons Market the Portland, Oregon-based grocery store @NewSeasons that call themselves The Friendliest Store In Town.

And, you know what? They are!

Like most businesses, they have to qualify their “claims” with fine print… Freakin’ legal departments. Here is the fine print for New Seasons Market.

The Fine Print
We’ll do whatever it takes to make New Seasons Market
the Best Shopping Experience in Town. Of course. There’s the fine print.

Open the Next Register Policy
More than two people in line? We’ll open another check stand right away.

Staffing Policy
We hire people who really mean it when they say “Have a nice day.”
We treat them as well as we want them to treat you.

Helping You Find It Policy
We’ll escort you to the spot (unless you just want directions).

Product Returns Policy
If it’s not exactly what you want or if you don’t like it for any reason, bring it back for a no-hassle return. We’ll replace it or refund your money with a smile. We promise.

Eating In Store Policy
Go for it. Enjoy yourself. Please pay for it on your way out.

Senior Discount Policy
Senior discount every Wednesday; 10% off almost everything for those  65 or better.

Military Discount Policy
To say thanks to veterans, military personnel and their families,
we offer 10% off almost everything every Tuesday.

You Break It Policy
If you break it… don’t worry. Accidents happen.

Solutions Policy
We have, find and make solutions. Visit the Solutions counter at the front of the store.

Special Request Policy

Squeaky Wheel Policy
Our shopping carts will be oiled and maintained so they
don’t drag, squeak or otherwise annoy you.

Here’s the sign, proudly posted outside the store.


Here is background about News Seasons from their website:

Three families and 50 friends got together back in 1999 and decided to open a grocery store. Not just any grocery store, mind you, but one that carried everything from the essentials to the extraordinary. It had to be friendly, fun, neighborly and supportive of sustainable agriculture. So, on Leap Day, 2000, dreams and ideas gave way to our first store opening at Raleigh Hills.

As a locally owned business, we take pride in supporting local farms, ranches and other small businesses through our Home Grown program. The Home Grown symbol points out products from produce and meat to hand lotions and scented candles that come from local companies. So, you can support the local and regional economy with your dollars. And we can further our strong commitment to sustainable agriculture.

We show our commitment to the community by giving 10% of our after-tax profits to various organizations through grants and donations. And our staff gets out there to volunteer, engage and participate!

If you own a business… this is the benchmark for no nonsense service. It has been raised. This is the height you need to meet or exceed to provide remarkable service for your customers.