Last Updated on 24 May 2010

Happy New Year!

Looking for a New Year’s Resolution you may be able to sustain for the year… or for at least a few months?

upward graphThis month I offer a practical and stick-to-able New Year’s Resolution that you just may adopt as a life philosophy.

Read this year’s first installment of Sand for Your Inbox titled “Comp Yourself.”

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Thanks for your comments and discussion this past year… Here is to another year of great ideas and problem solving techniques.

I hope you’ve got a good start on a happy and healthy new year!

p.s. Author/blogger John Moore, documents how we practiced this philosophy at Starbucks in a chapter of his book “Tribal Knowledge:.” In fact, he and I must be on the same wavelength… John recently provided the entire chapter Always Measure Your Comparable Job Performance on his blog for free.