On Being VERY Different from Competition (continued)

Do you, your products, or your company need to stand out from your competition?

Can being very different help create awareness?

Well, before the holiday, I started to share best-practices from various marketing gurus on how to… not just gain awareness… but how to be REMARKABLE. How to radically stand out from your competition…

I’ll bring you up to date… [click on any of the links to read]

  • First, I shared what Tom Peters calls creating “Wow!” next,
  • Doug Hall says to create a “dramatic difference.”
  • Seth Godin recommended creating a “Purple Cow

In the next post… I share the next stage Seth recommends in his book “Free Prize Inside”…. creating remarkability.

In upcoming posts, I’ll share suggestions from…

  • Bill Schley who discusses having a DSI (dominant selling idea), and…
  • Guy Kawasaki spreading the word on Secret Sauce,
  • Marty Neumeier shares his angle on how to Zag… and…
  • How to make your competition irrelevant with Chan Kim and RenĂ©e Mauborgne’s Blue Ocean Strategy.

Thoughts, comments, experience with any of these? Please leave comments…

Happy Boxing Day!

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