Do you describe the value your products and services provide for your customers?

Some of your customers may be interested in features. They want to compare yours to the competitor. Your camera has patented image-stabilization technology.

Some may be interested in the benefits. Your image-stabilization technology reduces blurring of photos.

Deep down, they want to know the “so that…” So that, what?

This camera has image-stabilization technology (feature) which reduces blurring of photos (benefit) so that…

  • you don’t miss those important shots of your kids.
  • you don’t miss the shot of the bride coming down the aisle.
  • your shot of the Eiffel Tower isn’t blurry.

I’ll use Idea Sandbox as an example… What’s the “so that…” of brainstorming and facilitation?

One feature of the sessions I build and lead… I use only proven and tested techniques. The benefit is that you’re not going to waste time with non-productive activities.

But the true benefits of brainstorming go beyond simply the ‘we have great ideas’ or ‘we solved the problem.’

The “so that…” includes:

  • You, your team, and your boss will be proud your work.
  • Sleep easier knowing you’ve figured out the specifics of your Q4 marketing plan.
  • Your team has a renewed sense of confidence in their creative abilities after thinking-up better ideas than they have in the past.
  • You never would have had the time or taken the time to put together such a productive and meaningful meeting.

When you talk about what you do – in person, in your printed materials, on your website – provide features, provide benefits, but also show them the “So that…”