Last Updated on 14 April 2011

I’m pleased to share with you that Idea Sandbox Prioritizer, officially launched on Wednesday, April 23 has garnered its own fan mail.
Take a look at these comments…

Reader Reactions


“Prioritizer is a cool piece of work, congratulations! I’m one of those guys that always has a handwritten bullet to-do list on my desk. This is much better.”


“Prioritizer is AWESOME. Extremely useful! Especially for my slightly autistic, hyperactive mind!”


“The thing I liked most about your tool was it’s ease of use and simplicity, and my partner, a director of engineering at agreed. We both played with Prioritizer and liked the UI and overall design, and the existing functionality allows for quick and easy prioritization of tasks. I can see where folks might look for other features like checklist capability, schedules and “to do” list type stuff, but that might detract from your intention of a quick and dirty prioritizing tool.”


“Brilliant love it, new prioritizer quick and easy to use. Very Good for procrastinators a helpful tool all round! All good.”


“Very useful idea!”


“This is very cool and fun! Most importantly it made me realize how many things I need to do between now and 2:30! Thanks!”

Saving Your Prioritized List

If you want to save your Prioritizer results, here are the recommended steps:

If you’re using a PC:

(1) Click on “Print It” when your list is presented to you.
(2) Internet Explorer or Firefox – Save the file as a TEXT file.

If you’re using a Mac

(1) Click on “Print It” when your list is presented to you.
(2a) Save As PDF – Choose PRINT from the FILE menu and select SAVE AS PDF from the PDF pull down.
(2b) Safari/Firefox – Choose SAVE AS from the FILE menu and save it in the WEB ARCHIVE format.

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback!