Last Updated on 7 July 2021

The image below is a relic from my first out-of-college job with the Disney Company. A page from a “While You Were Out” message pad. (I re-discovered this as a bookmark in my copy of George Orwell’s 1984).


Smile In Your Voice


I was a marketeer at the Disney Vacation Club (Disney’s non-timeshare timeshare) when it first launched in ’92. We call it DVC, for short.

I answered inbound phone calls about the new Vacation Club and provided guided tours of the first property at the Walt Disney World Resort DVC Preview Center.

“Put a smile in your voice” was a simply technique they taught us to ensure we sounded friendly to Guests – especially when on the phone.

While it may seem cheesy at first, it really works.

Next time you’re talking with a client (or your father-in-law) try it.