Last Updated on 19 August 2017

Let’s say ye be a shipbuilder fer swashbucklers an’ ye want t’ stay innovative.

As ye watch th’ trends ye notice that yer competitor pirate shipbuilders be addin’ larger cannons t’ the’r ships t’ aid th’ swashbucklers. Swashbucklers seem t’ need more fire power.

Do ye immediately add larger cannons t’ yer ships? `Tis expensive. ‘t will take time t’ re-tool yer factory.

By diggin’ deeper an’ meetin’ directly wi’ yer customers, ye`ll reveal that th’ problem be that the’r current ships be nay fast enough t’ sail away from a port ‘ere they jus’ pillaged. So instead o’ a swift get-away, they’s forced t’ repel wi’ firepower. Further discussion reveals that they be makin’ several trips to th’ cove t’ take all th’ loot an’ booty.

Finally, ye uncover th’ current cargo area fer food an’ grog t’ain’t typically filled t’ capacity. They dasn’t need huge stores o’ food on accoun’ o’ they re-stock when they plunder a village.

What they really need be faster ships wi’ more cargo room.

So in response t’ yer swashbuckler customer needs ye increase th’ size o’ th’ sails, an’ make th’ cargo hold bigger by reducin’ th’ size o’ th’ food storage space.

Ye be havin’ learned yer lesson in creative problem solvin’, listenin’ t’ yer customer an’ stayin’ innovative.

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!