Last Updated on 20 August 2017

Each month I send out an e-mail with creative tips called Sand for Your Inbox…

Customer feedback, both positive and negative, is one of the most important assets a company has – it’s gold.

I’ve received some very warm feedback and I’m proud to share it with you…

“I really like this perspective…Good stuff… keep it coming” – Andrew

“This is great stuff! I love the drive-thru example.” – Lynn

“I like that creativity tip…the Starbucks one is good.” – Rob

“This is awesome!! Thank you. It did provide great thought starters!” – Erika

“Great sand!” – Scott

“Thank you for the great ideas.” – Anne

“I LOVE – Sand for Your Inbox. I have found the ideas; tips and recommended readings a great source of inspiration and mind expanding. The emails always surprise and delight – so a real joy to receive – and come at the right time!” – Katherine

“This is really good…this is such a great way to think about it… I’m going to have to check in later on the Imaginary Board of Directors, but my immediate response to the concept is that it’s brilliant. – Lara

“This was great, Paul. Thanks for the ideas.” – Brad

“Thanks for sending me your idea.” – Guy

“Thanks Paul, for keeping the creative juices flowing!” – Mistilyn

“Nice – I like the reminder that we want and need to be Creative! That’s what makes it fun!” – Kathleen

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