Last Updated on 28 November 2011

Social media tactics can be a valuable part of your word-of-mouth marketing strategy. But, they are not the cure-all!

Leave it to Marketoonist genius Tom Fishburne to capture the problem in word and image.

As Tom writes about his illustration this week…

In these early days of social media, there’s a lot of snake oil peddling. It’s easier to talk in generalities than specific outcomes. Metrics are often skewed toward a superficial number of friends and followers. ROI is considered a topic to avoid. As a result, social media programs are at risk of losing their credibility.

The best advice I’ve been able to provide clients is to let social media be the logical tactic as a result of needing to meet your objectives and strategies. Social media itself isn’t the objective.

Thanks, Tom for the great illustration this morning.

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