Last Updated on 21 August 2017

At times, has your company or team ever felt lost at sea?

I recently built an exercise for a company that was ready to grow… and while they had goals in mind – a destination – they weren’t sure where they were! When we first discussed the challenge, it reminded me of a ship… at sea… unsure of its position.

Without knowing where you are, even with a particular destination established, you won’t know the right way to head.

The first step for their growth was to determine where they were. The free booklet linked below is the step-by-step workshop I built for that team. It’s called Get Your Brand Bearings. The link below will take you to the download page!

Get Your Brand Bearings:
Strategy Session Workshop
While this example is for a brand, you could easily use it to measure the status of a product, service, process, customers, employees; nearly anything!

And, oh – the company put this process to use, and the results are an essential part of their strategic growth plans. I hope you find it helpful too!