Last Updated on 13 September 2020

I’ve always been a fan of Steve Martin’s brand of humor. He’s a part of my iBoard of Directors.

John Moore at Brand Autopsy (who has been talking about Steve Martin’s memoir) Born Standing Up sent me the URL to the recent interview (below) between Steve and Charlie Rose. It’s interesting to hear Steve talk about being remarkable and doing something different in comedy… Just the same way we marketers try to differentiate our products, services, and companies.

Steve explains his act was funny and successful in the mid-70s because it was unknown and unexposed. By 1978 audiences knew what to expect. He had to keep his career moving and (in my words) reinvent himself. I find so many fascinating similarities between what we marketers think about, and what Steve is talking about.

Excerpts from Charlie Rose & Steve Martin Interview

John too mentions his “eureka moment” inspired by how performing comedy on stage is related to presenting business in the board room.

One of my favorite lines in the Charlie Rose interview is found near the very end, Steve says…

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

Great advice.

Enjoy the interview.