Last Updated on 10 September 2020

Those who become a member of the Idea Sandbox “Sand for Your Inbox” eNewsletter are sent a custom, hand-crafted membership e-card… It literally offers creative license to think creatively and problem solve in remarkable ways.
Sample Membership Card
Each time someone becomes a member – before I send the “welcome” message – I visit their website and try to learn more about them. Marketing Rule #1: It’s important to know and understand your customers.

brilliant logo

Recently a fellow named Ryan Morgan became a member. I found out he runs a company called “brilliant.” They offer insurance services to Columbus, Ohio-area businesses. Here’s how he states it on his site…

brilliant service summary

…a local, independent insurance agency that works with local, independent businesses. Period.

Difficult to get more specific than that, huh?

Ryan understands the secret recipe to being remarkable… zagging while others zig. And, having a Dominant Selling Idea… brilliant isn’t trying to be all things to all people… in fact, the opposite…He is only one thing to a very small, targeted group of people.

Check out his philosophy. brilliant has boiled what they do to a handful of bullets and fifteen words…
brilliant philosophy
Pretty darn simple… And inspiring, huh?

If you visit their, site you’ll notice brilliant spends little time talking about their company, instead you are greeted with big images of their happy clients… They believe in the Vidal Sassoon (beauty products) philosophy: “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.”

brilliant’s clients look good… so brilliant looks good.

Can your company’s philosophy be boiled down to fifteen words or fewer? Do you spend more time showcasing your customers than your own business?

How can you be more… brilliant?