Last Updated on 13 September 2020

Being remarkable isn’t easy. Often remarkability means doing something new that’s never been done before. It often requires doing something that others don’t or won’t “get.”

Walt Disney faced challenges in getting people to understand his vision of Disneyland before it opened. (Nothing like it had ever been done before).

Here’s a quote from George Lucas (Producer/Director of Lucasfilms Ltd), talking about the challenges of brand new ideas.

Well it’s always hard to get somebody to see something that’s never been done before.

It’s a big problem because there’s no precedent for you to base a judgment on.

People have to have a leap of faith. And trying to convince people to have a leap of faith, especially people that may be accountants or people about to invest – it’s extremely difficult because their imaginations don’t soar the same way creative people do.

Image © The Disney Company