This panel is part of marketer/author/artist Tom Fishburne’s Brand Camp cartoon series.

The “Idea Factory” is Tom’s evaluation of “factory-thinking” a thought inspired by Seth Godin’s most recent book, Tribes.

Tom’s illustration points out how many organizations have constructed an efficient “factory” equipped with “machines” (that’s you and I, and our departments) designed to do a particular function. We’re designed to work together to seamlessly produce our widget. Machine A hands it over to machine B, which delivers it to machine C to finish up. (No, we’re not robots… but for efficiency sake, we each have our designated work areas).

Is your organization set-up so it is possible to shut down your “production lines” for re-tooling? If there is a better, more efficient, more customer friendly way to do something… can you easily respond, adapt, and change?

You can read what Tom intended to convey at his Brand Camp site.

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