Last Updated on 22 March 2012

In March 2005, Idea Sandbox launched as a company. Originally, the site and blog were geared toward building awareness and support for a brainstorming space I was looking to build in Seattle.

The ideas for that space have transformed and matured greatly. And, while the dream (and your support) of building the ultimate brainstorm space hasn’t waned, nearly 700 articles later we’re still meeting here to share ideas about innovation, creativity, brainstorming and problem solving.

Here’s the original logo I had designed back in ’05. Back then I did get a little ribbing, being asked if it was the Idea Litterbox.

Original Sandbox Logo

I’m looking forward to seeing where we are together in another 7 years. Until then, and whatever replaces Twitter… Thanks for your support, your comments, your tweets, and your ideas!

Here’s to turning brains into idea machines!