Last Updated on 14 November 2019

Google has just published “Think Quarterly” and the Q3’11 is their Innovation Issue.

As the cover welcome note states…

…We’ve curated big ideas from heads of industry, leading experts and our homegrown visionaries — all to help guide your own thinking. In our inaugural US issue, we focus on Innovation. Where can you break molds and shape the future? We hope this gives you inspiration, insight, and some new ideas of your own.

It is worth checking out simply to read the piece called “The Eight Pillars of Innovation” by Google’s Advertising SVP, Susan Wojcicki.

The article calls out:

  1. Have a mission that matters.
  2. Think big but start small.
  3. Strive for continual innovation, not instant perfection.
  4. Look for ideas everywhere.
  5. Share everything.
  6. Spark with imagination, fuel with data.
  7. Be a platform.
  8. Never fail to fail.

Thanks to Steve Rubel for pointing this out.