Last Updated on 10 September 2020

It’s always an honor when someone cares to hear your advice. It is my pleasure to share with you a BlogRadio interview I was part of on Saturday evening that featured… well… me and Idea Sandbox!

Jenny Ward, the Chief Play Activist at Playward, hosts the “Live In PLAY” talk show every Saturday afternoon at 2:30 PST. We chatted for 35 minutes or so, about… how to be creative, tips on being remarkable, and a few other fun thoughts.

Here is the interview, I hope you enjoy it!

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About Playward

Playward works to transform the way the world defines work, relationships and individuality – from “hard” to an adventure. Jenny is part of the play-volution, calling on new ways of how we treat ourselves and one another. Playward is bringing back the simple pleasures we are forgetting and adding more FUN to our day to day.

Check out Jenny’s site at, and her “Live In Play” BlogTalkRadio station.

Books I Mention In This Interview

During my talk with Jenny, several books were mentioned, I thought I’d provide links to them for you here.

Thank you, Jenny… It was a blast!