Last Updated on 5 June 2009

Roger von Oech – author, inventor, consultant, and creativity guru – posted his 10 picks for blogs that stimulate creativity on “the best in blogs” site.

It is an honor that Idea Sandbox was on that list. With hundreds (thousands?) of sites to choose from, narrowing it down to 10 had to be a challenge.

But to be one of those ten…? Truly exciting! Thank you Roger!

Be sure to check out the other sites Roger picks as well.

  1. Althouse
  2. Bad Banana
  3. Belmont Club
  4. Idea Sandbox (you are here)
  5. Innovation Tools
  6. Lateral Action
  7. Logic+Emotion
  8. Philosophistry
  9. Wishful Thinking

More About Roger:
He started his company, Creative Think, in 1977 to stimulate creativity in business. His most recent product is the iPhone App version of his Creative Whack Pack which rose to #1 in the App Store’s Business category.

He’s probably best known as the author of the creativity classic A Whack on the Side of the Head, and as the creator of the Ball of Whacks and the X-Ball.