Last Updated on 19 August 2017

While watching TV this evening I saw a Vicks DayQuil commercial stating that taking DayQuil will help you “feel better fast!” If you read the fine print at the bottom of the screen it says:


That’s a no brainer… Of course taking a medication designed to relieve cold symptoms will help you feel better faster than NOT taking anything.

The tricky thing is… watching the commercial, you’d think they’re stating that taking DayQuil will make you feel better faster than another medication… That it’s a better medicine…

Have ever read the fine print on TV commercials? It can actually be very educational and entertaining. It’s not easy… It’s fine print (thus the name “fine print”) and only displayed for a short time.

Another ad just run was for the Jeep Commander – called “Ocean.” There’s a family of four looking through their sunroof and they see fish overhead. The camera zooms out and you see the Jeep driving onto shore out of the ocean. The fine print says:


The interesting thing is that typically I wouldn’t have even caught which brand it was, and often not even recall the product… I paid particular attention so you could look for these too.

Have you noticed the fine print?