Last Updated on 14 November 2019

Suffering from idea block?

Like writer’s block, you know your idea or solution is just below the surface… but you can’t quite dig it out.

You need an idea shovel. Well, Idea Sandbox has help!

We present to you, the Idea Sandbox: Big Dig.

Big Dig is your free, web-based sandbox of ideas. It is chock-full of thought starters and brainstorming tools specifically crafted to help you uncover your needed solution.

Idea Sandbox Big Dig

Using it is fast, simple, and helpful.
Have your challenge in mind.

  • Click the above link. (
  • Click the idea sandbox to reveal your first suggestion.
  • Use the idea offered, or click again to obtain another approach.
  • Big Dig is a one-of-a-kind resource, handcrafted exclusively for Idea Sandbox users.

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