Last Updated on 14 June 2013

The Imaginarium is a children’s retail store located around the world. The Toys-R-Us for the rest of the world.

The photo below is from their location in Barcelona, Spain.

[fancy_images width=”581″ height=”401″][image title=”Imaginarium Entry” alt=””][/image][/fancy_images]
[click for larger view]

This entrance is kid height… too small for adults. Makes a kid feel special. How cool that they’ve got a kid-sized entry? (Unfortunately, newly tagged with spray paint).


Yeah, Participants. With our clients, instead of using the word “customers” we’ve started to use the term “Participants.” Thinking of them as Participants instead of consumers or targets changes the way you think about them. Instead of potential victims of your efforts, they’re collaborators in your business and communications.

What About You?

What do you do at your business to customize for your Participants? What do you do… or can you do to make them feel extra special?