Last Updated on 11 December 2011

If you drop your gloves at a restaurant or the mall, they probably have a lost-and-found spot at the customer service or security desk. But, what do you do when you lose something in a public park?

An innovative solution is the Dutch Vindhek or “Find Fence.”

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Designed and installed as an interactive art installation by Annemarieke Weber in 2006, the Vindhek is where you go to get something you lost in the park, and where to go to put something you’ve found. It is a “living work of art, created by its users.” This Vindhek is located within the “Central Park” of Amsterdam: Vondelpark.

In addition to being practical, as Annemarieke describes, it is also celebrating respect, honesty and trust. Simply seeing the Find Fence, one immediately understands its function.

The site has a gallery of some of the most recent items attached to Vindhek.

What a neat way to solve a problem and provide value to citizens.