Last Updated on 14 November 2019

Are you as impressed as I am about the attention the Simpsons movie is getting? They’ve done a great job promoting it.

The best tactic was the transformation of 7-Eleven locations into Kwik-E-Marts. These are the convenience stores in the cartoon town of Springfield. I give 7-Eleven credit for having the moxie to let someone take over their stores in that way.

Burger King has a site called SimpsonizeMe where you can upload a photo of yourself and the Simpsonizer re-draws you in the style of a Simpson character. (Sounds a little like ‘Super Size Me’, doesn’t it?)

In the animated demonstration for the Simpsonizer, the Burger King himself is transformed using “Have It Your Way” technology.

Here is the photo I uploaded of myself, and the result. (after I tweaked it some)

The official movie website for the Simpsons allows you to create your own Simpson avatar. Using the shapes provided, I tried to make one of myself (below). The Burger King Simpsonizer did a better job!

I tried to Simsonize Ronald McDonald on Burger King’s machine…

Here is what the machine came up with, unaided…

With a little doctoring on the machine, here is the match I created.

I also tried Wendy… From Wendy’s Restaurant.

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